Brexit & UK Pension Transfers with Claris Advisors

Current UK pension regulations allow for former residents of the UK to transfer their UK pension benefits to an approved overseas pension scheme, known as a QROPS-Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme. This transfer is 100% free of UK tax as long as certain conditions are met. Typically, former UK residents now living in an  EU / EEA country and other specified countries have the option of transferring their private and company pensions to an approved pension provider in their new country of residence, free of UK tax.

Claris Advisors has appointments with several approved QROPS pension providers in Ireland to facilitate the transfer process for individuals wishing to transfer their UK pensions to an approved Irish pension scheme. The transfer process is straight-forward but can be lengthy due to extensive suitability and due diligence checks. However, we charge no fee to assess the suitability or to proceed with the transfer of your pension.

It should be noted that these regulations may change in the future Post-Brexit and a future exit-tax levied on overseas pension transfers is possible.

Should you wish to discuss your UK pension transfer please contact John Markey, 353 1 559 8185 or email